Creative Collaboration meets Mastery of Skill

Arnold Hair Studio

Arnold Hair Studio is a distinct salon that blends mastery of cosmetology and remarkable customer experience.

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Taking a minimalist approach, the brand’s color motif relies heavily on the elegance and classic touch that black, white and grey could deliver. Often found in and associated with the world of fashion, these shades communicate a balance of enigma and seriousness, with the sense of openness and creativity.

A special metallic silver texture has also been added to the mix, serving as an accent that furthers the aura of luxury and refinement the brand intends to communicate.


The choice for Didot and Circular as the brand’s primary typefaces is centered on communicating grandeur and excellence that Arnold Hair Studio promises to deliver. Didot’s selection was inspired by the bold and avant-garde spirit of fashion journalism, while Circular was chosen as it embodied a geometric, formidable quality that somehow manages to bring a feeling of warmth and familiarity.

Brand Identity

Arnold Hair Studio’s brand identity was redefined in line with its goal to attract higher-value clientele while also expanding its reach to audiences, therefore possible customers, beyond its locality. The rebrand was made to elevate its value, create a more premium perception and communicate the business’ distinct quality.


A brand photoshoot was planned and executed to capture the creative possibilities Arnold Hair Studio is capable of achieving in terms of haircut and style. These serve as the brand’s main imagery and content for wide usage on various types of material.


Social Media Strategy

Social media posts for Arnold Hair Studio aim to be striking and visually appealing. Utilising eye-catching photographs and designs, the brand’s social media presence embodies a style uniquely representative of Arnold Hair Studio in creating awareness of the business’ capabilities and offering a space for audience engagement and conversation.


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